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Make your own almond milk


Making your own almond milk is easier than you think and you will know exactly what is in it: almonds and water. No additives, no extras. Ensure the almonds are good quality. There are lots of good reasons for drinking almond milk. It is not just for vegans. It is a milk alternative. It is good for your heart, bones, waistline and blood sugar. It doesn’t have to be refrigerated so a handy alternative for outdoor activities or camping. The benefits are here on Lifehacker. The almonds need to be soaked so do it in the morning so you can make it in the evening or do it in the evening so you can make it in the morning. It’s super simple past that point and even that isn’t hard!! authoritynutrition gives you some more information about almond milk. You might like to read how it compares with cows’ milk.

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If you can’t beat them…eat them!

framelessImage via WikipediaWhat a novel way of dealing with our scourge of cane toads! Andrew Zimmern who was hosting an American cuisine and travel programme in the Northern Territory got the chef to cook the toads he’d help to catch with FrogWatch. FrogWatch does a lot to keep an eye on the toads and alert people to their migration. People have stuffed them and sold them as souvenirs, but they have never thought to eat them…so now we know how to get rid of them. So now we need the recipes and the chilli sauce!

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