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Sugar scrub

Sugar scrub is really good for your skin because it exfoliates and improves circulation. There are claims it is good for itchy skin. There are also claims it gets rid of wrinkles. My claim is that it makes your skin feel very smooth and a whole lot better. I don’t make jars of it. I make a small amount as I need it. For my hands I put in some lemon juice. When I feel my skin isn’t feeling he best I always find the sugar scrub gets it back into condition. It’s not something I do on a regular basis but I do it often during the course of a year. It means there are no chemicals on my skins and that’s important to me. It means there is no animal cruelty and that’s important to me too. It is easy on the purse and great for the skin! You can read about it on the home made sugar scrub site. Unlike the video, I add no fragrances. I just keep it to oil and sugar.

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Yellow Toenails

It’s been freezing cold and wet. It has been like this longer than usual so we have been more rugged up than usual and kept socks and shoes on for too long. Is it any wonder our toenails are starting to yellow. We may be building up fungal infections or just preventing our poor feet from getting light and fresh air as we normally do.Here are a few tips to get you and your feet back on track! The beauty of this site is that it gives you things to do so you do not feel so useless!