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Kids Under Cover

Kids Under Cover is a charity which is providing a simple yet effective solution to youth homelessness. Young people, like other people, become homeless for a variety of reasons. Kids Under Cover has taken on the challenge of youth homelessness to at least work on that. The video explains some of what it does.  Their site explains more:

We respond to the needs of young people at risk of becoming homeless due to extreme conflict or overcrowding within the family home, mental health issues, and the housing affordability crisis. Taking an early-intervention approach to preventing youth homelessness by combining accommodation and scholarships for young people at-risk of homelessness.

It’s the early intervention approach which is invaluable. Stepping in to resolve and solve issues before another life is stopped in its tracks. We need to find ways of supporting young people and their families through difficult circumstances and Kids Under Cover is a way of looking at a tough situation and finding a practical pathway to success. One of the things the organisation does is have a cubby house challenge  where the bespoke cubby houses are auctioned off to raise funds. You can read about it here because it is an innovative and novel approach to fund raising and awareness raising which has been very popular. It’s a great way to encourage our builders and architects and then involve the general public. All in all it’s a very positive and winning scenario. The next cubby house challenge is March 2017.

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Shoes for Haiti

Haiti’s earthquake victims will soon receive 50,000 pairs of shoes collected by New South Wales TAFE students to help the impoverished nation recover from the January disaster.
This is a classic example of where , if you keep things very simple, people can achieve a great deal and help others at the same time. TAFE students in NSW have collected 50 000 pairs of shoes to help the people in Haiti recover from the disaster earlier this year. In Adelaide last year or the year before one of our radio stations had and Socks and Jocks day so people could donate new socks and underwear for homeless people. The response was massive because the radio station made it an easy thing to do. That is the secret. I have also been involved in shoebox campaigns where we have been given a list of what to put in a shoebox – usually toiletries – and then a simple way of delivering the shoeboxes to a venue. All these things are easy to achieve and they bring about a good sense of community. People hate knowing others are going without. We get swamped with it all , though, so we just need something simple to do – like shoes, or socks or toothbrushes.