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Big effort on e-waste

My boot was packed to capacity with e-waste!

While I was participating in the Living Smart SA course one of the things I was committed to was getting rid of the e-waste I had at home. It had just accumulated and needed to go. In October I managed to collect the e-waste into one spot in my garage. That was a big effort in itself. I had to find all the e-waste stashed around the house and then move it outside. I felt really pleased with that part of it. The course then finished, life went on, we had Christmas, then New Year and now it was May and I still had not moved it. I tried to get it all picked up. There was less an a ute load and less than 15 minutes work. For me, I cannot carry CRT monitors easily , nor microwaves, so my first effort of getting it all in one place had been significant. Once this lot is all gone, then it will not be a problem. It won’t build up as it did with all the changes  in technology and it won’t weigh as much because new technology is much lighter and less cumbersome. The quotes for removing it were $100-$130 . That’s $400-$520 an hour. I had been in the wrong job! It means I have had to wait and do some more  planning. Older people go away , are sick or cannot carry things easily. Younger people are working long shifts most days and need a break. I feel pretty proud of myself that that I  completely filled the boot of my car up with the smaller stuff. I had a microwave which was heavy . The rest was straight forward. It’s gone. Advanced Recycling Technologies took  all the stuff and unloaded it for me. They were helpful, nice and right near the ocean! Great views. I have to wait now for help with 3 CRT monitors and 2 heavy microwaves. I can then say I met that commitment and it was my one and only promise to myself at New Year – that I would do something about my e-waste. I feel so relieved now I have done the right thing and so happy. A.R.T is part of the Unplug’n’Drop programme where a number of sites across Australia will now take electronic waste and seek to repair and repurpose rather just sent to recycling or landfill.

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Decorate your home!

I haven’t changed my home in ages. A long time. So busy working and doing this and that . Now my life has changed I had the urge to change my home too. It has become a fantastic journey because as my home changes so do I and it has been really fun making the changes. I have decided not to make it a massive financial outlay but to simply revisit all my things and change what I am using where and how each room looks. I dared to saw my wooden bunk beds in half and put one bed in each bedroom. It has made for a great look and the impression is less invasive than my bunk beds. People were stunned I would cut bunk beds. Why not? They were made of lovely wood and were solid. I did not need new beds. It has been a great achievement and has given me a good sense of adventure. I have swapped tables around, dressers and sideboards and now I am up to painting!  It has awakened my creativity and helped me to recreate myself with a fresh new look as I recreate my home. Everything is looking so much better including me!
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Do what you do do well

The picture left is just one of the exhibits at Legoland in Denmark. It is hard to  imagine this is built of Lego blocks, but here are hundreds of beautiful things at Legoland and they are all impressive and very creative. I dare say you and your children or grandchildren have also made some impressive Lego exhibits of your own. One block, one tiny piece at a time and you can create something quite extraordinary and astounding. It’s a matter of setting your goals, focussing on what the next step is and then allowing your creative imagination and problem solving capacities free rein. When you look at this picture you can see the enormous amount of work and patience. Along the way there would have been designs, trouble shooting, and, at times ,there might have been moments or even days of despair. The optimistic overview, though, allowed this statue to be built and it is impressive , the more so because it was all done in one colour. It meant thinking all the edges and shapes would have been quite hard. It was probably a team effort and there may have been short term expertise and advice needed. Don’t see your own life as any different. Decide what you want to do and just go for it – one Lego block at a time. Do what you do do well!
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How to get what you want

1. Decide
2. Focus
3. Believe
It doesn’t always seem that simple but it always boils down to that. Once you are clear about what you want, once you have given up the doubts and the confuse you can actually just go for it and get what you want. You channel yourself and your energies to getting what you believe you need or want. you give up the excuses, you abandon the unworthiness, you realise you are as entitled as anyone, you accept that if you have good skills and talents you can get there and you work out if you muster your resources and get the information you can make a good decision and stick with it until you achieve your aim. The first step of clarity is the most important. Work out what is the absolute best for you and what will make you happy and make the best use of who you are and contribute most greatly to your life. It is important to believe in yourself and let other people work out what they want for themselves. you are not responsible for them. You are responsible for yourself. So take aim and go for it!