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Declutter challenge

declutter challengeI did a declutter challenge last year and it worked well. I find any challenges like the ones you find on the internet as a good way to move me out of winter and into spring. The weather has been cold and wet but now we are getting periods of sunshine so I need to get myself moving again. It is not particularly pleasant for outdoor projects so I thought a declutter project might fit the bill. I am using this 30 day declutter challenge. It is clear, simple and straight forward. It covers a number of areas too. I am not doing it as a thirty day challenge. I am doing it as a list so that as I complete each element I shall move onto the next. Decluttering the junk drawer was a good start. The drawer is now tidy. I found things to recycle and upcycle. I also found some treasures and some nice photos. Yes, I have family members who send me “snaps” on photo paper. Because this declutter is bringing me back to books and toys and the inevitable kitchen clutter then I am pleased to be able to follow through on it. Next on my list is a clothes purge. It won’t be a purge so much as a sort. I don’t want drastic but I do want to relook at everything on this declutter challenge so that I keep up the good work and approach of last year.

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The Power of Positivity

This is simple, straight forward, doable and cheerful. Great way to approach life. Some of these are more me than others but, in short, I can achieve all of this and can see it would make a positive difference!

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How to get what you want

1. Decide
2. Focus
3. Believe
It doesn’t always seem that simple but it always boils down to that. Once you are clear about what you want, once you have given up the doubts and the confuse you can actually just go for it and get what you want. You channel yourself and your energies to getting what you believe you need or want. you give up the excuses, you abandon the unworthiness, you realise you are as entitled as anyone, you accept that if you have good skills and talents you can get there and you work out if you muster your resources and get the information you can make a good decision and stick with it until you achieve your aim. The first step of clarity is the most important. Work out what is the absolute best for you and what will make you happy and make the best use of who you are and contribute most greatly to your life. It is important to believe in yourself and let other people work out what they want for themselves. you are not responsible for them. You are responsible for yourself. So take aim and go for it!