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Make your own almond milk


Making your own almond milk is easier than you think and you will know exactly what is in it: almonds and water. No additives, no extras. Ensure the almonds are good quality. There are lots of good reasons for drinking almond milk. It is not just for vegans. It is a milk alternative. It is good for your heart, bones, waistline and blood sugar. It doesn’t have to be refrigerated so a handy alternative for outdoor activities or camping. The benefits are here on Lifehacker. The almonds need to be soaked so do it in the morning so you can make it in the evening or do it in the evening so you can make it in the morning. It’s super simple past that point and even that isn’t hard!! authoritynutrition gives you some more information about almond milk. You might like to read how it compares with cows’ milk.

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I love pistachios and when I was munching them yesterday I was thinking – they are good for me and they taste so nice! Then I couldn’t remember why they were good. I did what all good people do and came on the internet to find out and discovered this brilliant NutritionData site. The information you get on this site about food nutrition is just incredible. It lists everything you could possible want to know like how filling the foods are, their glycaemic index, the vitamin and mineral content. Someone has spent a lot of time getting all this information into a database which then provides us with precise and usable information in a clear and and attractive form. I thank them for that . I shall keep eating pistachios  – they are very, very good for me!
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Vit C and Chemotherapy

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Cancer treatments have come a long way and a lot more people are surviving comfortably for longer and many are going into remission. There are still those who cannot be helped and the body is a tricky thing. The understanding of the interaction of drugs has had a lot to do with improved outcomes for people with cancer. This article which alludes to the research done on Vit C tends to suggest that it might be detrimental if you are having anti cancer drugs because it helps cancer cells survive better. It doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t eat food high in Vitamnin C and it would be well worth while looking out for more research  this.
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