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Make your own almond milk


Making your own almond milk is easier than you think and you will know exactly what is in it: almonds and water. No additives, no extras. Ensure the almonds are good quality. There are lots of good reasons for drinking almond milk. It is not just for vegans. It is a milk alternative. It is good for your heart, bones, waistline and blood sugar. It doesn’t have to be refrigerated so a handy alternative for outdoor activities or camping. The benefits are here on Lifehacker. The almonds need to be soaked so do it in the morning so you can make it in the evening or do it in the evening so you can make it in the morning. It’s super simple past that point and even that isn’t hard!! authoritynutrition gives you some more information about almond milk. You might like to read how it compares with cows’ milk.

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Which bread?

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I haven’t had any yeast bread for a week and feel better. I love bread. I wasn’t feeling too  good on it though. Since 2009 it has been compulsory to put folate and iodine in our bread and wheat flour. So, today I did a fair bit of research and I’ll share it with you so you can follow it up. I am still of the opinion you should eat food with the vitamins and minerals you require and not mess around with it. I eat plenty of folate. I know my foods and I was brought up that way. I use iodised salt because lack of iodine can be a problem in Australia. I believe people need to learn about food and produce but the stronger argument of protecting  the population from itself has won out. Can you have too much folate? Too much iodine? I couldn’t really get a straight  answer to that question. The search engines are biased towards the argument for fortifying bread. That in itself was a discovery. I couldn’t get balanced information.  My decision for now is to go with the wraps which I love and to make some yeast free breads like soda bread and banana bread. There are also nice recipes for savoury loaves.  In the mean time I’ll ponder this information. I am not sworn off bread and yeast. I just need to rethink it. 
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Overweight teenagers

The Cancer Council and Heart Foundation survey of 12,000 found students fail to take part in enough physical activity, do not eat enough fruit and vegetables and half make food and drink choices based on advertising.
The remedy which appears to be suggested, especially in the comments, is that schools should increase physical activity. That may provide some help but students have to be at school and chronic absenteeism is a problem all of its own. Phys ed lessons at school would provide some activity but not solve the eating choices nor what is available to eat. School canteens by and large subscribe to the healthy eating plan which was introduced. Obesity is now a global problem and particularly in the “developed” countries. We have all seen enough Jamie Oliver to know we have to tackle this as a society. We have to look at the food which is being sold, the food provided at home and then what is offered in schools.  For as long as we put profit above people then we shall never get the better of this. For as long as we keep allowing non foods and poorly designed foods to be available , then we shall never beat this problem. We talk about it but are reluctant to take action and we have to question why we would allow ourselves and our children to ingest things which simply do not provide nutrition and which are not real, fresh food. I have a friend who was a baker who used to cook with natural ingredients. He had to leave the job when they started adding things to preserve the shelf life of bread. He and his colleagues were getting rashes from the dough. That is going into our stomachs.It is going into our children’s stomachs and we keep saying it is okay  for people and using the catch cry of people know what they are choosing. Why would you offer your nation rubbish to eat? Climate change is only compounding he problem by wiping out local food crops, so sourcing fresh food is difficult at times. We need to completely rethink what we offer to our nation, where and how we source it and then our agricultural practices so we can supply bountiful fresh food no matter what. And then yes, back off from the screens and settee and move that body.
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High Protein Diets

My friend, who is not a young woman, took it into her head to go on a high protein diet. Her system has been in havoc and she has felt tired, ill  and less and less healthy. She has upset her electrolyte balance and even now, 5 days after coming off it , she is struggling to get her health back. Extreme diets are not something which can be managed easily and certainly older people need to be aware that their bodies can be put into such a state of chaos if they do not eat a balanced diet. This site offers some explanations but medical professionals and dietitians need to keep up the messages of a balanced food intake.