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Make your own almond milk


Making your own almond milk is easier than you think and you will know exactly what is in it: almonds and water. No additives, no extras. Ensure the almonds are good quality. There are lots of good reasons for drinking almond milk. It is not just for vegans. It is a milk alternative. It is good for your heart, bones, waistline and blood sugar. It doesn’t have to be refrigerated so a handy alternative for outdoor activities or camping. The benefits are here on Lifehacker. The almonds need to be soaked so do it in the morning so you can make it in the evening or do it in the evening so you can make it in the morning. It’s super simple past that point and even that isn’t hard!! authoritynutrition gives you some more information about almond milk. You might like to read how it compares with cows’ milk.

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White Wine

Everyone by now knows about the health benefits of red wine, but we now have research underway to prove the benefits of white wine and it looks like it will get the heart tick as well. Drinking a glass of wine with dinner is then not only utterly civilised…it’s healthy too! It would be good to get back to the style of living which gives us the time and opportunity to enjoy the good food which is good for us. Half the problem today is rushing and having to fit so many things into a day.