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Grow your own veggies

The Little Veggie Patch Co are good at getting people growing! Their approach is based on doable ideas , a straight forward approach and then upcycling where they can. They have approached gardening in a very visual way. Their book, the 1-Minute Gardening is a photo book with text which gives you tips and ideas. I was lucky enough to get a copy of it as a present for the Christmas before last. The main point to this video is you can grow vegetables anywhere. You do not need a huge amount of space. In one of my  homes  I was growing veggies in the wall box on the front patio while I was setting up a big veggie patch in the back garden. In my current home I am rejuvenating my veggie patch and growing some veggies and herbs in pots . Parsley grows around my back garden. It’s green, attractive and can make a nice pot plant! I like to have fresh herbs and I like to have fresh vegetables. I have mixed success with the vegetables but I never give up. I grow silverbeet and potatoes because they always work and fresh potatoes are lovely. Grow what you can because even if you don’t immediately become successful it is a very relaxing activity and gets you outside. There is a lot of evidence now that gardening has a good impact on your health and wellbeing.

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Herbs and Seeds

We are better at knowing and using herbs and seeds. We are past the dill, mint, thyme and sunflower seeds is all we know stage. We grow fresh herbs and we are more likely to be using seeds on our cereals, in our slices and even in cakes. Seed bread just walks out of the shops here. Everyone raves about it. We don’t always know what the seeds and herbs are for and how they might help specific conditions. It doesn’t matter how many times magazines offer us helpful articles on herbs and seeds, complete with pictures, we just forget, but I do think that is why we are more aware of them and use them more frequently. This site by the National Centre for Complementary and Alternative Medicine has a very good section on herbs and spices so that if you bookmark it, you can always quickly look up the nutritional information about a particular herb or spice. Take a look around the site too, because it is  very helpful and informative.