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Moonlight Sonata on the guitar

Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata is one of my favourite pieces of music. It is a very demanding piece to play on a piano. To see Tina S play it on a guitar as she does is just totally amazing. She has played a guitar since she was a child and it shows, but to see how skilled she is, how relaxed she is and how beautiful she can make this sound is a tribute to her dedication to playing her kind of music. It also shows just how modern Beethoven’s music can be ; that it is in fact timeless. I love the classical version but am happy to find such a skilled electronic performance of it. I can’t believe how fast and accurate Tina s’s fingers are. This really is impressive.

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Beautiful portraits

Alma50 and her imikimi site offer you some really beautiful portrait templates for family photos, creating desktops and showcasing whatever it is you might want to turn into a stunning image. There are lots of choices and the possibility of using up to 4 images at a time. I signed in using Facebook to make this lovely image of my new dog.