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The great library visit

Noarlunga  Library It’s the Noarlunga Library’s fault I haven’t been to a library in 20 years! I used to be at the library every week and it was a great place for my daughter . They played their part in ensuring she loved books and reading.She even went back as a volunteer when she was older. It was a great library then with all the foreign language books, the wealth of health books, the craft and art books and the massive choice of fiction. They installed computers and allowed us access to this new Internet thing. I booked the two of us in for an hour at a time and we were lost in Netscape and just loved it, so much so I bought my IBM 486 computer and suddenly we could find everything online and were spending lot of time online .The library became superfluous to requirements. Last Wednesday was foul weather in Adelaide and I had the urge to go back to the library to see what had happened to it. It is an airy, well thought out space now. There are not so many books but there are more electronic media, magazines and computers. They even had some retro computers in their own special spot which were fully utilised as flat screens sat idle and unpopular. That was really interesting. There were more magazines and they were really well organised and covered a wide variety of interests. The staff set me up well and quickly and I was borrowing in no time. I also had an update and explanation of how it all works online now. Libraries are linked and so you can book resources you search and they will come to your nearest library. You can read books online or download them to a compatible reader. What interested me as I wandered was there was a map of the proposed changes to the Port Noarlunga foreshore to include and upgraded walking trail. It was clearly explained, there were photographs and it was information worth seeing.  There was a lot of art work featured too. It wasn’t overly busy, probably because of the weather. Everyone there was engrossed in what they were doing. I came out with a number of books and some magazines which have already gone to work really hard in my life with the ideas they have brought me. A book or magazine brings you specific content which is curated in a careful way. It is focused learning and focused presentation of material. Books have things which are not necessarily on the internet. It’s another way to see the ideas and creativity of others. The library is now going to be a regular part of my life because it is a learning space which allows you to explore in your own way. I am still discovering the online part of it but I can see that will help broaden my searches and access to information. On a computer you are available to others. In a library you are available to yourself and that thought struck me clearly. Libraries are there for you and your own self development and that has been lost in the passion for technology . Originally, computing was just for me on my IBM 486 but now it has become a place where I am expected to be there. I am used to it and do well with technology but it was lovely to just have me time in the library where my learning needs are met uninterrupted and without any expectations other than my own and that is a library’s biggest asset in 2016.

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Yes you can

Often you find so many reasons why you can’t do something or you can’t change. Your mind will bring up a whole array of logical reasons why you shouldn’t. And so you carry on as before. Nothing changes.It might feel safer that way. Life is change. Growth is change. change is action. So sometimes you need to dare yourself to be different and just go ahead. I always remember that episode of Seinfeld where George did the opposite and suddenly his life left the mediocrity and frustration behind and he reached new heady heights of success. It was a funny episode, but that message had a profound influence on me. When I feel I am drab or dull..then I do the opposite. I read something I’d never read. I watch something I’d never watch. I talk to a person I don’t know or I go and do something I would never do. It never ceases to create change in me and even if I choose never to do that thing again, there are plenty of things I have added to my life because I have done the opposite. The toughest challenge is to respond in the opposite way you would normally when you believe your normal response is not a good one. You realise how ingrained your reactions are and how they narrow your capacity to just be!
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Blog for your Brain

Blogging is one of the best things you can do for your brain.It forces to think and develop a sense of self. You have to deal with the blogosphere changes which occur about every 6 months and the incoming new technology. It means you don’t get caught in a rut and you are not allowed to be apathetic. You have to keep on your blogging toes to keep in with the pack. There is plenty to help you but you have to explore and think about that too. You can try blogging tools and widgets , you can explore blogging communities and blogging politics. There is a lot you can involve yourslef with. It’s not a social network as such but there are some strong and very supportive networks in the blogosphere and you can make good use of those as you develop and move along your chosen path. And that’s the thing. Blogging is about developing yourself and your interests. You come to know a lot very easily simply because you are blogging. You have great conversations where peole don’t believe you…and then they check…and discover you were right. Of course you were, you’re a blogger and your brain is bright and beautiful!