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Chair exercises

Chair exercises are probably one of the least threatening forms of exercises you can do.They are also one of the cheapest because you need a chair and you can fancy it up with resistance bands. Something is always better than nothing. These exercises are good for older people to get started and for those who don’t think they like exercise. Something is better than nothing. There are plenty of these chair exercises on YouTube and so you can pick the routines you like and learn some of the moves. Great for those people who are stuck all day sitting at their desk to complete work. 5 minutes of chair exercises and they will feel like they are in better shape already. All that sitting is hard on the body and a few well thought out exercises will keep the body in condition. Chair exercises are especially good for core strength. They are also good for working on leg exercises.You can use the rubber resistance bands and what a difference they can make. Such a simple exercise aid and yet they make such a difference to developing muscle tone and adding resistance training to the exercises. Chair exercises are less intrusive on your time, too. If you are time poor they are a good way to keep in shape without feeling guilty because you don’t have time for a gym, basketball teams or walking.

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Get into the garden

Now that the festive season has passed, time for me to get back into the garden and back into shape! True , it’s our summer and can be very hot, but we had a wet winter so the plants are lush and overgrown! I am lucky I have my garden. It is not always convenient to be out walking. I have noticed a lot more people around here are out in the morning for their walks but a lot more people are out in their gardens too. That is all good news. I use my garden to keep fit. Nothing like sawing and the neighbour and I were laughing about just what a work out you get from sawing gum tree branches. Gum tree wood is hard and so you saw for ages before you get anywhere. It has been a bit of a problem with the winds because that can blow branches down. We just get out there and saw them. I have made a commitment to myself to be out there for half an hour a day but it has often turned into an hour or an hour and a half. By the time I start sorting , cutting, pruning, clearing, sawing, mowing, digging, edging – the time passes very happily and I feel so much better for it. The dog likes to play ball when I am out there or she’ll come and help me. I have plenty of birds to hear and watch. I am reshaping my garden again. I am trying to give it more of a tropical look rather than the cottage look I had had. So far so good. It keeps me healthy but it lifts my spirits too.
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City Fitness

I have just had a trip to Sydney and one of the really unexpected bonuses was how fit and healthy it has made me. A month ago I was in Melbourne and that helped but not like Sydney so now I am thinking of places I have been where it has improved my health and wellbeing. Sydney really gets you fit. I was staying in Darling Harbour and so it was a walk up over the walkway and down lots of steps to get onto
the Harbour,…and climbing lots of steps to get back! In the Chinese Garden of Friendship , which is just so beautiful,there you start off flat and then you climb the stone steps to the top and walk down again. Taronga Zoo is all uphill , then down hill, then uphill and then up steps. It is built on the harbourside .To go stupendous for the animals and the views. If I was shopping it was uphill to the  the Queen Victoria Arcade and down the steps to the Town Hall station. Sydney is uphill and downhill and plenty of steps. Vanuatu had a marvellous impact on my health too because it was humid and tropical and I do that well and the food was very natural and unspoiled and there was plenty of walking to be done. I realise I will walk more in places where there are plenty of other people out and about. That’s  important for safety, the people factor. So, where have you been where it has kept you fit? Now I have thought about it I am going to make a point of including that kind of natural fitness in my travel plans.