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Chair exercises

Chair exercises are probably one of the least threatening forms of exercises you can do.They are also one of the cheapest because you need a chair and you can fancy it up with resistance bands. Something is always better than nothing. These exercises are good for older people to get started and for those who don’t think they like exercise. Something is better than nothing. There are plenty of these chair exercises on YouTube and so you can pick the routines you like and learn some of the moves. Great for those people who are stuck all day sitting at their desk to complete work. 5 minutes of chair exercises and they will feel like they are in better shape already. All that sitting is hard on the body and a few well thought out exercises will keep the body in condition. Chair exercises are especially good for core strength. They are also good for working on leg exercises.You can use the rubber resistance bands and what a difference they can make. Such a simple exercise aid and yet they make such a difference to developing muscle tone and adding resistance training to the exercises. Chair exercises are less intrusive on your time, too. If you are time poor they are a good way to keep in shape without feeling guilty because you don’t have time for a gym, basketball teams or walking.

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Gyms and Fitness Centres

I think we are going to have to start rating gyms and fitness centres. If you go here there is a baffling array of choices for people and that is just in South Australia and we are not very big. I was in Sydney and we passed what looked to be a very popular and enthusiastic fitness centre. When I commented , someone said it was a gym for people who were already fit and just wanted to keep looking the part. Okay, so there are image gyms for the young and body beautiful. Near here there is a great little gym which caters to anyone who wants to go. It runs half hour sessions for younger workers who want to keep in shape and they open at 5am in the morning. Later in the day you see people of all shapes and sizes and from what I can tell the owners fo that gym develop personal programmes for individuals who then work alone or in groups. The groups could be running, skipping, weight training…anything. It looks to be a very dynamic place with regular customers. Back in Sydney , there was a group of older people I saw everyday practising Tai Chi in the shade of a big building. Their music was lovely and they were oblivious to the busy working crowds. My friend who has open heart surgery has had a personal programme created by the University of SA and physiotherapists. His doctor has organised this and it really is a high level of care and has made such a difference. It has alerted me to the fact that even frail and weak people can benefit from expert care, assessment and an exercise programme. There are a lot of young people who resent having older people in the same gym  if catty Facebook comments are anything to go by, so I am thinking we need to rate our gyms. People need to know whether they are for the image fit, the serious fit, the out of shape trying to get fit, the battling with conditions and illness and want to feel better fit…A gym is entitled to build an image but we are entitled to know.
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Travel Health

I have been back to  flying around a bit this year (no, I haven’t had the broomstick out!) and it has reminded me that I do actually do my best to stay healthy as I travel around. Luckily no long haul flights are involved because they are very wearing and you do have to pay careful attention to your health as you prepare for the long haul. For me, resting enough before had is important. Not always possible because I get quite excited about flying! I love the adrenalin rush on the runway.So rest. Rest before and then I try to make sure I have a chance to rest and recuperate after the flight . I build in some down time. I make sure I am hydrated and drink plenty of water at the airport and then have a drink on the plane. After I swear by pineapple juice. The first thing after getting off the plane is to locate my pineapple juice. It seems to combat the headiness. As for clothing I do the layering because some flights are too warm and some are too cold so layering works for me.  I don’t lug great heavy bags onto the plane either. I pack my stuff and my on board bag just has personal bits and pieces, something to read , my phone and my MP3 player. I invariably snooze on the plane because I often don’t sleep well the night before a trip. Lastly, I remember my leg exercises and ,no matter how squashed in I am, I at least twirl my feet and move my legs as much as I can.
Air Canada has some really good information on flying, so if you are up, up and away, don’t forget your travel health!