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Moonlight Sonata on the guitar

Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata is one of my favourite pieces of music. It is a very demanding piece to play on a piano. To see Tina S play it on a guitar as she does is just totally amazing. She has played a guitar since she was a child and it shows, but to see how skilled she is, how relaxed she is and how beautiful she can make this sound is a tribute to her dedication to playing her kind of music. It also shows just how modern Beethoven’s music can be ; that it is in fact timeless. I love the classical version but am happy to find such a skilled electronic performance of it. I can’t believe how fast and accurate Tina s’s fingers are. This really is impressive.

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Lifelong Learning

My sister and I were talking yesterday about how some older people just don’t change, they do and think the same things and then they wonder why life holds nothing for them. We have found we are always learning about something and we worked out it is because we think we have a lot to learn and so we just keep learning. Every year we can list a host of things which we have learned and we can do things we couldn’t do last year. We join groups online or offline, we go to exhibitions, we read, we look around on the internet, we grasp opportunities and we go away when we can because it gives you fresh eyes. I have my blogs, my work, my writing and slide presentations. I learn  through all of those things and they all keep me thinking. Here are some other ideas to get you going on the Life Hack site.