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Never, ever give up

This is such a remarkable story. It tells of the power of resilience, a positive mindset and a determination to believe in yourself and never give up. Human beings can be so surprising and so inspiring. Whether you want to be like him or not is beside the point. Could everyone survive and overcome what he did ? He must have had an unstoppable faith in himself and a willingness to never give up on himself. Were those all failures or simply the training he needed to become the success he has been? I am not saying the name because you may not have worked out who it is. He is not someone I have thought about much. I shall now because he has never let anything get in his way.

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Life is Change

There ought be no surprises in the fact life is change. People get used to one thing and then life can change dramatically. Sometimes we refuse to accept it and that only makes it harder. Life does not compromise when it insists change is what it is about. We have to get really good at holding onto our memories of the good times because they sustain us. We have to have a plan of action for dealing with change.Fighting it does not work. you have to go with it. You have to do the next thing which has to be done. Take the next step, not think ahead. One step at a time, one thing at a time, no looking backward. being with people is important. people help you manage change simply because they are there leading their life and they draw you along. Their conversations become your new ones. It isn’t always easy to change but as you change you find new things and new people and new facets of yourself and that is probably why life makes you change all the time. before you know it , you can look back and wonder how you got where you did and how you are now achieving what you are. If you accept that change is something you need a plan to manage when it comes along, you will value putting in a plan which suits you. For me it has always been the one step and the one thing and don’t think ahead.
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Taking it easy

LifeHack has a very good piece of writing about how to deal with stress before it deals with you. The writing is energetic and helpful. Plenty of tips to get you going. If you look around the rest of the site you will see that it is a site designed to help you see through the pressure and burden of everyday living. It is about keeping your head straight and on your shoulders. When everyone else is multitasking, racing around, doing this, doing that and being everso successful you forget that they too are driven and there will be consequences now or later down the track. You wouldn’t run a car the 6 000 kms from Perth to Sydney without stopping or expecting trouble if you pushed it that hard. You don’t expect a car to constantly take the rough terrain without some care and maintenance. Daily we push ourselves here there and everywhere. We have to be fast, rapid, efficient and smart and then wonder why we are tired and drained and cannot think. The cortisol ramps up in our systems and the lack of sleep kicks in. We are smart if we look after ourselves. We are smart if we put some sense into our lives and we are even smarter if we can get it all balanced and really feel well. Sometimes it is not until you stop you realise the harm you are doing yourself and then you feel your body repairing itself. Switching off takes time and looking after yourself takes practice.
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The Quick Clean Up

If you have the energy and inclination to clean up a whole room or your whole house or garden…go for it! Most of us ,though, are time poor and lacking in inclination for the tidy up. You can however get yourself in the right mood and do yourself a power of good by having a quick clean up. It can have a time limit of ,say, 20 minutes…even 10 minutes can achieve a lot. Pick a prime spot like your bedroom, your lounge, your desk or a drawer which really annoys you. Pick something which will make you feel better if it is clean and tidy. Put the oven timer on or a CD or series of songs which will last the designated amount of time and just charge through it. You’ll  feel energised, you’ll feel better and you’ll have something good to show for ringing the changes. If you do it once a week you will feel  the ongoing benefit because cleaning is exercise as well. Then sit down and treat yourself to a nice drink and congratulate yourself.
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For some reason a lot of people think pampering is self indulgent. They don’t actually look after themselves because they think it will all take care of itself and that pampering is too time wasting. What about if you look upon it as maintenance? Do you attend to your home? Do you attend to your garden? Do you attend to your car? I bet you look after these things. So, too, should you look after yourself, your body because it is where you live. The body is the temple of the spirit and all of that. Pampering is also very relaxing. Maybe you do not think you have time for massages and beauty salons. Maybe you think those things are too superficial. maybe they are in some salons. Maybe it is too much about body image and not enough about spirit. In cold weather I like to pamper myself with a nice bath and make sure I have really good products to use. I feel so great afterwards. then When I am feeling a bit edgy I find it soothing to get some nice hand cream and methodically rub it in all over my hands and then I manicure my nails. I invariably feel a lot better. It is calming and rhythmic. It’s distracting and then the hand cream always makes your hands feel so nice. Same with a foot bath and foot cream. After a hard day and 20 minutes of attention to my feet…I feel so much better. There are lots of little things you can do to help yourself relax but also give yourself the message that you are worth taking care of. Do it. Just one thing. Do it.
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Yes you can

Often you find so many reasons why you can’t do something or you can’t change. Your mind will bring up a whole array of logical reasons why you shouldn’t. And so you carry on as before. Nothing changes.It might feel safer that way. Life is change. Growth is change. change is action. So sometimes you need to dare yourself to be different and just go ahead. I always remember that episode of Seinfeld where George did the opposite and suddenly his life left the mediocrity and frustration behind and he reached new heady heights of success. It was a funny episode, but that message had a profound influence on me. When I feel I am drab or dull..then I do the opposite. I read something I’d never read. I watch something I’d never watch. I talk to a person I don’t know or I go and do something I would never do. It never ceases to create change in me and even if I choose never to do that thing again, there are plenty of things I have added to my life because I have done the opposite. The toughest challenge is to respond in the opposite way you would normally when you believe your normal response is not a good one. You realise how ingrained your reactions are and how they narrow your capacity to just be!
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Child Behaviour Program

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The child behaviour program at Westmead Hospital  appears to behaving good results. Instead of criticising poor behaviour and poor parenting we have a program where parents, children and experts work together to get better behaviour outcomes for children. Unfortunately adults seem to be preoccupied and incredibly busy these day and then they seem to have a lot of issues themselves. To have a team of people working with them to resolve some of this so that they can manage their children better is a very productive way of going about things. In the long term it will pay dividends because currently poorly behaved children are burning up a lot of salaries in schools, the workplace and  the police force. Working out ways of diminishing stress so that everyone can manage their lives sensibly is a great idea and cannot come too soon.
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A Blue Flavoured Blog

Plateau du jeu des petits chevaux, variante fr...Image via WikipediaI was actually looking for some practical advice on how to put out real fires but came across this blog with information about putting out fires in a metaphorical sense at work. It describes the behaviours and then how to deal with it. Game , set match, thank you linesmen, thank you ball boys. It was a really interesting helpful read and when you see boss behaviour described like this and then you read the advice, it makes you feel more confident at dealing with it. You are not caught up in the smoke and mirrors because you have a way of responding. So thank you for that and I pass it on here!

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