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Creative Recycling

Zic Zazou certainly know how to make recycling creative and fun. It’s great to see artists make use of everyday items in such an inspirational way. We live in an acquisitive world where we create so many unwanted items. To see them repurposed in a productive, imaginative way is just great.

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Advice to the young

Patti Smith doesn’t readily come to mind when you are thinking of people who have defined music and yet, quite clearly, she not only has earned that achievement she is now someone who can offer help to younger people as they try and make their way through the world. She has endured. She has a resilience and capacity to rise above adversity which are worth learning from. There is a longer version of this talk on YouTube , if you are interested. This talk gives a lot of insight and persepctive which only come from experience , knowledge and a hard won place as a significant human being as well as a really talented musician.