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A world without oil


According to the information under the video clip: In 2009, oil wells around the world pumped an estimated 84 to 85 million barrels out of the Earth, and countries consumed just as much [source: EIA]. That is a lot of oil. We still have oil but it is difficult to access and is encouraging practices like fracking which come with all sorts of concerning problems. It also has meant  difficulty negotiating with areas of the world where the oil is because we are so oil dependant. Not having oil would impact on industry, the military, transport, electricity, asphalt, production of plastics and polymers, agriculture. It would create job losses. We pollute the planet so much because of oil but we seem to be locked into a mindset which says we need it. We won’t necessarily go backwards without it. We have the capacity to think our way through and find other fuel options which are more planet and lifestyle friendly. We also have the capacity to rethink our lives so they are not so oil dependant. Do we need all that plastic? Do we need to fly everywhere? Do we need to transport our food huge distances? Can we get to places without our car? That can be a hard one if we are leading busy lives. Public transport can make the day so much longer and , in some places, it is not an option. If you start work at 4am in Adelaide there are no public transport options. Public transport times and efficiency would have a big impact of how many cars we have on the road. People ought not to have to have a car in order to work. There are also implications within all that for personal safety . These are difficult problems but not beyond our bounds for resolving if we think about it. I  haven’t yet heard any defence of leaving the oil in the earth because maybe the planet actually needs that oil in the ground as part of its survival mechanism. There is always an assumption we can take things out of the ground in vast quantities and it means nothing to a living planet. We don’t just need to think about oil consumption, we also need to think about preserving the place we live. It always surprises me we do things just because we can and then don’t think the process through properly so we look at implications and effects. It’s not rational to behave like that. We can do better and we could come up with things which suit us and our environment. Why not?

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Random resolutions

Not sure what to decide for your New Year’s resolutions? Try this random resolution generator. It actually has positive and kind resolutions: the sort you would want to keep! I found it quite enjoyable running through the resolutions on offer and it made me realise that you can resolve to do simple acts which will improve your own life and the life of others’ in a helpful, gentle way. Resolutions are often about deprivation rather than enhancement. These resolutions are about embellishing life so I think I might look at them all and pick my 5 favourites. I actually feel like I want to accomplish these resolutions!

 New Year’s Resolution Ideas  has achievable resolutions too at the click of a button.

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Breaking Bad Habits

This article gives you some good tips on breaking bad habits. Stress hormones can make you form habits – good or bad, so when you are stressed it is probably a good time to work on good behaviours and work off the stress with some exercise, yoga, digging. I find if I am really wound up I need to really get stuck into something active and I use that to clean, groom the dog, do my yoga, heavy gardening. It gets the adrenalin to balance itself and get through my system and it makes me feel a lot better. Sitting when you are stressed is not good in my experience. You also need to be aware of what it is you want to change about your habits. Do a stock take. Then you need to think of what good changes you want to make. it is no use waiting and thinking you’ll deal with it at some stage. Planning the changes are important and help you succeed because you are more aware of something which you need to break and more aware of what you want to encourage in yourself. I am also a great one for saying things out loud . “No, you are not going to do that…you are going to do this. ” I find saying things aloud helps me to break the bad ways and get the new ways going. I don’t mind if people hear me. It makes everyone laugh and that has to be good!