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Eggshell toothpaste

I wouldn’t eat eggshells , ground or not and I think medical professionals need to weigh in on this so we get some qualified and expert input. There was a study in Hungary where they found eggshells remineralised teeth. This has now grown into eating them and I am not sure our bodies were designed to process grit. I need proper advice on that. I have tried eggshell toothpaste, though, and use it on a regular basis. It has improved my teeth, is easy to make and it cleans my teeth really well. I have been using it for a couple of months. You do get gritty bits in your mouth but I rinse them out with water as I would do with regular toothpaste. Quora has some interesting answers about this sudden interest in eggshells. I didn’t expect them to be a cavity cure or to regrow teeth as some sites claim. That’s a bit naive, I think. I use a coffee grinder to grind the eggshells finely after I have baked them in the oven. The toothpaste recipe is on the undergroundhealthreporter site

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Oral Hygiene

I must have the cleanest teeth on the planet today thanks to my new oral hygienist, Amy. I was a bit worried because I used to haev Wendy and she was worth her weight in gold. Wendy was dynamic, interested and interesting ans hse got me to life my game with oral hygienne. She made it achievable because she was so dedicated to it and believed in it. So much so she has left that position and now that she is older she has gone to work in nursing homes and the like to work with old people to ensure they have the best oral health possible. Makes sense. happy mouth, happy person but it took my new gen Y oral hygienist to put another angle on it for me. Oral health contributes to overall happiness and wellbeing, but if you have an older person with Alzheimers or dementia or who is feeling very weak, then you actually need an expert in there to clarify the situation. Food refusal may not be a cantakerous old person. It might be gum problems or a sore tooth which the older person cannot explain. So Amy is already on my list . Her approach is different from Wendy’s. Wendy was very cyut and dried about what to do and an abolute found of practical information. She would kind of chastise you for your bad habits but come up with all the help and ideas to enable you to be more successful. Amy on the other hand is very gentle and works away and talks quietly. She knows a lot. I learned from what she did and how thorughly and meticulously she did it that I too can do a few things better. Amy teaches by example and kindness. I miss Wendy because she and I had a lot in common, but Amy is going to teach me a lot in her own way. She already has in one visit and my teeth are just brilliant! I have been taught so well the dentist came in to check, said my mouth was fine and to update my records to show there were now no problems. That is a good oral hygienist! They teach you how to succeed!