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Sugar scrub

Sugar scrub is really good for your skin because it exfoliates and improves circulation. There are claims it is good for itchy skin. There are also claims it gets rid of wrinkles. My claim is that it makes your skin feel very smooth and a whole lot better. I don’t make jars of it. I make a small amount as I need it. For my hands I put in some lemon juice. When I feel my skin isn’t feeling he best I always find the sugar scrub gets it back into condition. It’s not something I do on a regular basis but I do it often during the course of a year. It means there are no chemicals on my skins and that’s important to me. It means there is no animal cruelty and that’s important to me too. It is easy on the purse and great for the skin! You can read about it on the home made sugar scrub site. Unlike the video, I add no fragrances. I just keep it to oil and sugar.

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For some reason a lot of people think pampering is self indulgent. They don’t actually look after themselves because they think it will all take care of itself and that pampering is too time wasting. What about if you look upon it as maintenance? Do you attend to your home? Do you attend to your garden? Do you attend to your car? I bet you look after these things. So, too, should you look after yourself, your body because it is where you live. The body is the temple of the spirit and all of that. Pampering is also very relaxing. Maybe you do not think you have time for massages and beauty salons. Maybe you think those things are too superficial. maybe they are in some salons. Maybe it is too much about body image and not enough about spirit. In cold weather I like to pamper myself with a nice bath and make sure I have really good products to use. I feel so great afterwards. then When I am feeling a bit edgy I find it soothing to get some nice hand cream and methodically rub it in all over my hands and then I manicure my nails. I invariably feel a lot better. It is calming and rhythmic. It’s distracting and then the hand cream always makes your hands feel so nice. Same with a foot bath and foot cream. After a hard day and 20 minutes of attention to my feet…I feel so much better. There are lots of little things you can do to help yourself relax but also give yourself the message that you are worth taking care of. Do it. Just one thing. Do it.