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Christmas Decor

This lady has a very calm, reassuring voice but she also has some good ideas for Christmas. Since she is so relaxed, there is no sense of panic! I am about to get my home decorated for Christmas and I do that in a big way. I love my home to look Christmassy and anyone who visits appreciates it and understands that Christmas is important to me. It’s has always been about appreciating people and valuing them. It has always about being festive and sharing meals. It has also been about being calm and having time out in what has become a busy, frantic life for people. I always want my home to be the place where they feel they can just stop and relax at Christmas. For that reason I pay a lot of attention to how it looks because it is something which diverts and involves others. It adds to their well being. This video has given me a fresh look at my decor and what I might do and I appreciated the fact the video just talked us through some approaches.

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Christmas Spirit

People are everything. Christmas is my time of the year to thank people I value in my life. Those people who give to me daily and , sometimes, year in year out. I love thinking about them and making an effort to thank them in some kind of personal way. It is not always about presents and it is not always about grand words. I have just finished decorating my home and there is a nice feel in the air this Christmas. Everyone has been very friendly and helpful at the shops but even other customers are just chatting away in a pleasant manner. I am looking forward to preparing the food and have been scouring magazines and recipe books to get ideas. I love that part. In the end I may not make everything I have book marked…but looking for the ideas is part of the journey in terms of preparing a lovely meal. Cannot wait!@