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The power of DNA

I cannot say a lot about this. You just need to pause for 5 minutes and watch it. DNA is a powerful force for good. Who we are is our DNA. Such a powerful video.

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Face to face or Interface?

Most people will do whatever they want or is the trend no matter what the research or information. There have been a lot of people looking at the impact of technology on  lives and lots of different studies are starting to come out now. So is it face to face or interface for you? There is a tendency at work these days to be buried under data and emails. Some people just cannot manage it or they are spending more time shifting files around rather than doing what they consider to be their job. So many jobs and positions now are about file shifting . Then you come home and there are emails to catch up with, social networks, games, shopping online, blogging! It wouldn’t surprise me if people are on their laptops more than they are watching television these days. The benefits for people who would normally be isolated are great. They are no longer stuck inside , isolated and alone. They can go online and change the world if they want to. They can have online friends and talk to them in real time on Skype or similar. So how much of your time is with real people? It is important to stay in the real world and in real time. Real life and blood people cannot be replaced. Online friends can enhance real life activities and people but I am wondering where today’s balance is? It is possible to develop a really strong online ID and that may not exist in the real world, so people who feel overlooked in real time may value their online activities  more and that is understandable. For me it is always about balance. Ensuring I have both face to face and interface time but in roughly equal amounts and I like both worlds a lot and they can compliment each other. I find it odd though now that some people have no online ID. Will they be happier and healthier or does an online ID help to promote your sense of self?