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Take a break

This app and the other one by Alex A , the relaxation one are my two favourite apps at the moment. The meditations are short, medium or long and you can set the background ambiance. I always choose the music. I find the other sounds a bit off putting. Alex has a very soothing voice and what she says make sense. You can let go for that 5 or 20 minutes. You can just concentrate on yourself and you will do better if you just stop, regroup and look after yourself. These work really well for me because her voice is unobtrusive , doesn’t jar at all and what she says is very calming.
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Pineal gland

This video came up on my Facebook feed. One of my friends had shared it. I was curious. It is very interesting to listen to and I have been listening to it every day since. It has been helpful when I feel a bit stressed out by daily living. I just listen to it as I am working on my computer and feel better. I don’t know if it is helping my pineal gland or not. There is a lot of vague information about the pineal gland. It is known as the third eye . The pineal gland regulates the circadian rhythm so it’s probably a good idea to keep it functioning well in order to promote regular sleeping and waking patterns. I am sharing it because you might find it helpful too.  
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Dress it up

I was given a simple, but effective water fountain by Secret Santa this year. We are only allowed to spend 10 dollars for this Christmas spirit initiative. The fountain runs on a battery so there was no installation and it is the perfect ornament. I wanted it to look special , though, because someone had put some good thought into what they were offering me at Christmas time. I do a lot of craft, so I had plenty of glass beads. I picked the green ones out and put them on the plastic tray. Underneath the tray is the water which is recycled through the fountain. It’s nice to watch and listen to. I have the purple and green trailing plant growing in a pot out he back so I picked off a bit. It grows quite well in water. Now I have a very easy on the eye and easy to manage fountain!
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You Tube for me has now become the place I look for relaxing music or videos which will improve my mood and remind me the world is full of wonder. Osho provides some lovely videos to choose from and I hope one day they will be translated. For now I can read a bit of what is being said, love the music and then enjoy the images. Always good to take time out and relax.
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Victoria more popular than Queensland

”The offer of big events, cultural events, retail, food and wine is considered more attractive than stuff like theme parks, Big Pineapples and gee-whizzy type of stuff,” Victorian Tourism Industry Council chief Anthony McIntosh says.

If  we are going away in Australia we seem to be choosing Victoria more than Queensland. The article suggests we are over  the theme park approach to life. We should probably look into it a bit more. 
The Gold Coast is generally considered over developed and over stated these days. Northern New South Wales and over the boarder into Queensland are the popular parts to visit in that neck of the woods. people seem to want the countryside, the trees, hills, the Byron Bay experiences and the relaxed atmosphere. The tourist areas of Queensland are no longer relaxed because they are overdone. So people are happy to rent a holiday home and travel around a bit to see something authentic. Then there have been the articles and news of skin cancer and I daresay that would have an influence on sunny holidays. Victoria is well placed and well located. In the back of our minds would be the bush fires and how those  people need our support. We lend support by just being there in Australia. We say nothing. The floods in Queensland have been awful too but that has scared us off a bit , I think. We don’t want to be caught in floods. So yes, the theme parks represent an unreal life and our life has been very real lately. That’s what we want . Something grounding. Victoria does that well because it has a lot of style and it’s less is more approach is calming and inviting. The Victorians are very welcoming and the city of Melbourne is just a great place to be. Victoria is now very much arts orientated and so lots of us go there for the exhibitions and then the shopping along the way. For me, in Adelaide, it is cheaper and quicker to get to Victoria than the haul up to Queensland and the factor in that is we have had problems with our domestic planes which we have never had, so it does put you off long haul flights. In the end, you need to look at what  really has changed for us – we have grown older. Theme parks are for the young!
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The BBC Health site is always very practical  in its approach to health. Our world is busy and our work life can be overwhelming at times because there has been an erosion of the notion of a working day, working week and working year. The rest breaks are no longer built in and so we have to look to ourselves to manage the work load. Luckily the internet is full of people and sites who are willing to help us. This page on relaxation is a good example of how to get help. It is easy to follow, straight forward and a good reminder of how to relax. We cannot keep going so we have to know how to stop and slow down. The advice at the top of the page of looking at animals to help learn how to stop and shut down is a good reminder.
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Breathing Exercises

You don’t have to be a practioner of yoga or meditation to get on top of your breathing. Most peole forget to breathe properly because we keep rushing sround and have lots to do. Even children are not breathing properly. So you need to learn some breathing exercises and yoga and meditation sites give you the techniques and ideas. Andrew Weil will get you started with 3 breathing techniques you can easily master, so that when you become conscious of the fact you are not breathing properly you have a set of things to do to remedy that. Breathe!! The number of people who laugh when I say that to them tells me we are all in need of a bit of breathing training AND reminders!
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Taking it easy

LifeHack has a very good piece of writing about how to deal with stress before it deals with you. The writing is energetic and helpful. Plenty of tips to get you going. If you look around the rest of the site you will see that it is a site designed to help you see through the pressure and burden of everyday living. It is about keeping your head straight and on your shoulders. When everyone else is multitasking, racing around, doing this, doing that and being everso successful you forget that they too are driven and there will be consequences now or later down the track. You wouldn’t run a car the 6 000 kms from Perth to Sydney without stopping or expecting trouble if you pushed it that hard. You don’t expect a car to constantly take the rough terrain without some care and maintenance. Daily we push ourselves here there and everywhere. We have to be fast, rapid, efficient and smart and then wonder why we are tired and drained and cannot think. The cortisol ramps up in our systems and the lack of sleep kicks in. We are smart if we look after ourselves. We are smart if we put some sense into our lives and we are even smarter if we can get it all balanced and really feel well. Sometimes it is not until you stop you realise the harm you are doing yourself and then you feel your body repairing itself. Switching off takes time and looking after yourself takes practice.
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Drive Time

When I am driving to work I am very lucky, I have a superb view of the coastline. It’s the same if I catch the train. Often when we go to work we get lost in work worries even before we get there. It took a while but I have learned to use my drive or travel time to work as a plus time for me. On the train I like to watch other people and try and guess about them. On Adelaide trains they are often reading so you get to know some good books. I make sure I look at the ocean and the views because they just make me feel so well. In the car I listen to talk back radio and have learned so much at that time in the morning. They get some good experts in. I also play my favourite CDs or my yoga music if I am feeling stressed. I can also learn a language in that time and brush up on my skills. I wouldn’t learn a new language in drive time, but you can get a CD and go over some of the basics so you can communicate with others. It makes them feel good and they help you more and I have found I get some good cultural tips, tricks and recipes that way …just because I have shown a bit of interest. That in itself makes me feel good with very little effort on my part.