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Project Smile

This is a short German film with a simple message which is developed thoughtfully. You need no German to understand it. It is developed without words and that is where the power of it lies. I got the film via Craig Maatta’s blogpost. He followed me on Twitter this morning. I looked him up , found his Facebook page and then the link to his blog. Within 5 minutes I was feeling a whole lot better. I have bookmarked the Craig Maatta blog because it is very positive and gives you practical ideas for making yourself and others feel better. Smiling is one of them!

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Tips to raise consciousness

30 Tips to raise more conscious

Being self aware and looking after yourself can be hard when you are busy and in the thick of things. This slide presentation is beautiful to look at but it is really helpful at keeping your head straight so that you are self aware and you do take care of yourself. Unfortunately the embed code is not working but this is well worth taking the extra click to view and even download so you can always see it.