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Homemade eco deodorant

I decided to try this recipe for eco deodorant because I had all the ingredients and containers. I also tried the idea from yesterday’s video to put the solid deodorant into a twist stick. As you can see from my picture it’s not as neat as the one in yesterday’s video. That will come with practice. The only thing I changed in the recipe was to swap the quantities of baking soda and corn starch. I also used bicarbonate instead of baking soda. It does come out a lovely lemony colour and it smells really nice. I put it in the fridge to harden. I mixed it for a few minutes to make sure the solution wouldn’t separate and that seems to have done the trick. Next time I think I’ll use my stab blender to mix it up. Today was a good day to try it in Adelaide because it is 36 degrees Celsius and a bit humid. So far all is going well. I also had some left over I couldn’t get out of the bowl. I used that on my hands and it has really softened and hydrated them. Bit of a bonus really! Why am I bothering? Because deodorants go onto the skin in your armpits and that is where significant lymph glands are located. I take the point from the eco deodorant fans that it’s probably a good idea to really check what is in your deodorant and antiperspirant. It wasn’t much bother to try this out , though. It took me 5 minutes to make it and about 3 minutes of constant stirring and then 2 minutes to put it into containers. It seems to be working. I have a longish car drive to make in the heat later on and that really will be a test.

Update 8/1/2017

My eco deodorant not only survived a long, hot drive, it has worked on days over 40 degrees Celsius as well. I was wondering if it would melt in the heat but it doesn’t.  My friends and family are assuring me this recipe is working and I feel a lot happier now because it is totally natural and so easy to make.


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Brush your face!

Leda is a wonderful advert for face brushing. Since I had decided to give body brushing a go to keep my circulation in good condition so I could keep warm, I found this video on You Tube to do with face brushing so I have been trying that too. After just 3 times my face looks and feels better. It has tightened my skin and made it smoother,  made my skin feel better and it has been very relaxing. It’s a nice thing to do in the evening after a day at work. I have a little round face brush that I found amongst all my grooming things. I don’t think I could use a big brush like Leda. My little brush suits me well. It is about 3-4 cm diameter on a long handle and I find that easier to hold. She is right when she says you need to work up to it and to get your skin used to being brushed.
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Give your body a nice brush

My gas heater has decided not to work and I have to wait for the repair man to come. This, by chance , has got me to try body brushing. I feel the cold more than I do heat and so not to have a big fire when it’s cold has been a bit of challenge. I have had to work out ways to keep warm over the week I am waiting to get the fire looked at. I have a small heater to take the chill off the air. I have learned to wear layers , jumpers , socks, scarves and gloves. I have worked out that if I have the time to start my day with a bath it works better than a shower at keeping me warm. I have also had a chance to body brush and that really gets me warm! It is the best thing to keep my circulation in good shape and I have come to enjoy it. I can also say I feel better, my skin is better and my energy levels are better. Part of that is also probably the fact that I am taking a positive stance towards a gas heater which is  suddenly not working! I can safely say I’ll keep body brushing in my life and Ashley does a good job in this video of explaining what to do and why.  I use a smaller brush and it works well.