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The great library visit

Noarlunga  Library It’s the Noarlunga Library’s fault I haven’t been to a library in 20 years! I used to be at the library every week and it was a great place for my daughter . They played their part in ensuring she loved books and reading.She even went back as a volunteer when she was older. It was a great library then with all the foreign language books, the wealth of health books, the craft and art books and the massive choice of fiction. They installed computers and allowed us access to this new Internet thing. I booked the two of us in for an hour at a time and we were lost in Netscape and just loved it, so much so I bought my IBM 486 computer and suddenly we could find everything online and were spending lot of time online .The library became superfluous to requirements. Last Wednesday was foul weather in Adelaide and I had the urge to go back to the library to see what had happened to it. It is an airy, well thought out space now. There are not so many books but there are more electronic media, magazines and computers. They even had some retro computers in their own special spot which were fully utilised as flat screens sat idle and unpopular. That was really interesting. There were more magazines and they were really well organised and covered a wide variety of interests. The staff set me up well and quickly and I was borrowing in no time. I also had an update and explanation of how it all works online now. Libraries are linked and so you can book resources you search and they will come to your nearest library. You can read books online or download them to a compatible reader. What interested me as I wandered was there was a map of the proposed changes to the Port Noarlunga foreshore to include and upgraded walking trail. It was clearly explained, there were photographs and it was information worth seeing.  There was a lot of art work featured too. It wasn’t overly busy, probably because of the weather. Everyone there was engrossed in what they were doing. I came out with a number of books and some magazines which have already gone to work really hard in my life with the ideas they have brought me. A book or magazine brings you specific content which is curated in a careful way. It is focused learning and focused presentation of material. Books have things which are not necessarily on the internet. It’s another way to see the ideas and creativity of others. The library is now going to be a regular part of my life because it is a learning space which allows you to explore in your own way. I am still discovering the online part of it but I can see that will help broaden my searches and access to information. On a computer you are available to others. In a library you are available to yourself and that thought struck me clearly. Libraries are there for you and your own self development and that has been lost in the passion for technology . Originally, computing was just for me on my IBM 486 but now it has become a place where I am expected to be there. I am used to it and do well with technology but it was lovely to just have me time in the library where my learning needs are met uninterrupted and without any expectations other than my own and that is a library’s biggest asset in 2016.

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Breathe and relax

There are all sorts of reason for people to be stressing these days – weather changes, disasters, family crises, hayfever, work place demands. Breathing properly is central to staying relaxed and we often forget to breathe properly. As busy people we then just neglect it and compound our problems. So you need to know you can just search for breathing technique videos these days and watch and copy. This way you are focussing on the video and learning how to control your breathing. 5 minutes of this and you will start to feel better. 10 minutes and you will feel better still. It is really important to get the help you need when you need it.
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The BBC Health site is always very practical  in its approach to health. Our world is busy and our work life can be overwhelming at times because there has been an erosion of the notion of a working day, working week and working year. The rest breaks are no longer built in and so we have to look to ourselves to manage the work load. Luckily the internet is full of people and sites who are willing to help us. This page on relaxation is a good example of how to get help. It is easy to follow, straight forward and a good reminder of how to relax. We cannot keep going so we have to know how to stop and slow down. The advice at the top of the page of looking at animals to help learn how to stop and shut down is a good reminder.
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Let time do the work

About a month ago, no matter where I read my horoscope , it kept saying to let time do the work . I sort of got it and I sort of didn’t. Today was a prime example of where I should have let time do the work. I had a massive amount of things to get completed today. All these things were within my power and very straight forward. By lunch time I was stressing and thinking I was in such a muddle. I wasn’t. I took 10 minutes out to sit and breathe. Just breathe. Breathe in. Breathe out. Slow myself down. I then went back to my pile of things to do and just did them one at a time. They all got finished and I wasn’t in a frantic state like I had been. It’s the thought of having so much to do that messes your head up and yet, if they are manageable things, then it’s better just to go about doing them one at a time!
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Stop multitasking!

Stop multitasking! I mean it . Just stop doing yourself in and exhausting yourself. Stop trying to be at work, manage your child’s illness, work out where the dog is going to stay while you are away, answering the phone while you are filing papers and trying to work out what is for dinner tonight. Stop it. Now. Some people seem to take an incredible amount of pride in being over busy. They are driven and don’t notice because they have this competitive thing inside of them which says they have to do more and be better and on and on they go. Others try and keep up and the impact on all concerned can be devastating. I have made a conscious effort to do one thing at a time this year and to do each thing properly. It’s amazing, when you do that,  you realise what a trap this multitasking is, how frenetic life is and how frantic everyone is. They don’t have time, they don’t have energy and they keep pushing you off because they have something else to do. Or they are shoving it your way because they have too  much to do. Doing one thing at a time takes patience and practice I can tell you. There is a great post on the Upside Learning blog about how Peter Bregman of Harvard’s Business Review spent a week not multitasking and how he felt about it. Don’t just read the post, read the comment too because they say so much about our notion of multitasking. We need to stop it.
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Life Lessons from Kevin Rudd

Kevin Rudd taught us some good life lessons yesterday as he had to give a farewell speech after a lightning takeover by Julia Gillard, our new first female Prime Minister. We didn’t expect this and the massive blow to him was something he had to sustain in a public arena. He taught us well. Clearly he was emotional and his son was struggling to fight back emotion too. It is okay for men to feel and to express that hurt. He spoke of the things he had achieved. The biggest and most memorable achievement was he headed the government in a “Sorry” ceremony as soon as he was elected. Something which meant so much to our indigenous people, something which no other leader could bring himself to do and it was one of the most moving days in our country’s history. As he let go the reins yesterday it was clear he came from a very loving and supportive family, something we all need  on our bad days but which is essential to surviving the really tough times. You cannot replace or do without solid relationships. He was upset. How would you be feeling if someone took over your job with right on their side? It is something which can be done here. You’d be more than struggling but you wouldn’t have to go on television and before the whole nation. But he did and he did it well. He pledged his commitment to the Labour party and to continuing in a competent capacity in his new job. He expressed a lot of gratitude to the people of his electorate in Griffith and to the others who had been focal in helping him. He is a man who has done a lot to help the health and wellbeing of this country. He has worked hard to include everyone in education, he has helped increase organ donation because he has a heart valve replacement and he has currently been working for cancer victims. So he managed the day because he could be proud of his achievements and he noted them publicly. He could name people who were his support and he could feel the care from others. He then has a plan for the future. He knew what he would do next. So he might have been feeling indescribably broken and awful yesterday but he had a way of managing it and a way of continuing to manage it. He did not become vindictive or a victim. He will have a changing range of emotions as the reality sets in but he has some good ways of dealing with this and he has shown us all. The heart warming thing was a Facebook group arose to respond to his need – “Don’t worry KRudd – I am not the Prime Minister of Australia either.” People notice and respond if you let them and he let us.
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Simplify your life

Care2 is an amazing site. So amazing, I have put a link on this blog so I can get back there easily.It has a wealth of articles and information on wellbeing, sustainability and healthy living.Plenty to read, plenty of help and plenty of good ideas. I happened to read this one on simplifying your life and even though some of it might be obvious, there is a new take on all of this and besides, stating the obvious is sometimes what busy people need to hear because they  are so lost in the todo list swamp  they forget the basics of happy lifestyles.
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Get away!

Get away. Just plan, pick yourself up and take yourself off somewhere different. It rejuvenates, renews, inspires and refreshes. For 3 years I haven’t been able to go anywhere because of family circumstance and I was just becoming swamped and lost. It wasn’t my family’s fault. Life just gets like that sometimes. So, now there has been a change again, and the change always comes, I have just gone away. It is the only way to reinvigorate yourself. I have had a day in another capital city which was quite an adventure because I have never just flown interstate for the day. It was on business, but it was such a change and so nice. Recently I have done 3 days interstate and 5 days interstate which were trips more in my control so I really had a chance to get out and look at what I wanted and form both trips I have come home totally refreshed and energised even though they were only short breaks. Before I would have thought it a waste of time to just go away for a few days. Not true, that is so not true. When you plant yourself elsewhere you are making it possible to see everything from a new angle, a fresh perspective. It’s the daily routine and expectation which drags you down. On this last trip there was an even better twist on this getting away. My dog has cancer so I didn’t want her booked in anywhere. I just happened to have a friend who has been housebound because of recent ill health who welcomed the chance to get away to my place when I made the suggestion. Ill health meant his finances were low, so taking a break at my place which is nice and comfortable, by the sea and has plenty of amenities was something which cheered him up immensely …plus he loved having my dog! House sitting for a few days was the perfect solution to his need for a get away. Everybody needs a break and you come back ready to do battle again!
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The best thing I ever did was set up a vegie patch. I not only have pleasant time outside, I have fresh vegetables and herbs which are just so much better than shop bought ones and then it has been a magnet for birds. It amuses me to watch them playing in there. They get bits and pieces for their nests, they scratch and dig for food and they sit up on the fence which surrounds my fence. Mostly it is common birds, but the more I grow, the more I attract different sorts of birds. Some of them have funny calls, others sing sweetly and some chatter away. It’s an endless source of distraction which makes me immediately forget my cares.
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I love rainbows. They arc so majestically across the sky and I have never lost my wonder of them. I have a prism in my kitchen widow sill which catches the light in summer and dances rainbows around my home. I have also hung light catchers in 3 of my windows because I just love to see the rainbows on my walls when it is sunny. A very simple thing which immediately distracts me and makes me happy. I have heard you can fill glass bottles with water and get a rainbow effect. I shall try it this summer. Sometimes we just have to bring ourselves back to the simple pleasures and remember we can make ourselves happy that way.

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