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Emotional abuse

Emotional abuse is very difficult to identify and even more difficult to prove. It’s sly, underhanded, artful and calculated. It’s important to know it is happening to you and it is important to notice it might be happening to someone else. Emotional abusers often have their reasons. It that awful cycle of abuse where you have been abused and you become the abuser. Emotional abuse can occur in the home , at work, from society at large …people. Unless we are clear about what it is and how to manage it then victims will continue to suffer. It can have dire consequences. A person can be so robbed of themselves, their hopes and dreams until they are in despair and dysfunctional. The worst thing is they have nothing to show anyone. Just what they think and how they feel. It has to be stopped like any other form of abuse and knowledge is power. The image straightens it out in people’s head. It helps clarify what is going on. There are some excellent sites which identify emotional abuse behaviour and symptoms. It is something we can deal with if we get the awareness out there as we have done with so many other things. Healthy Place looks at the short and long term effects of emotional abuse.

Pinterest also has some good help.

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The BBC Health site is always very practical  in its approach to health. Our world is busy and our work life can be overwhelming at times because there has been an erosion of the notion of a working day, working week and working year. The rest breaks are no longer built in and so we have to look to ourselves to manage the work load. Luckily the internet is full of people and sites who are willing to help us. This page on relaxation is a good example of how to get help. It is easy to follow, straight forward and a good reminder of how to relax. We cannot keep going so we have to know how to stop and slow down. The advice at the top of the page of looking at animals to help learn how to stop and shut down is a good reminder.
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The Email Swamp

I was reading on Facebook how someone had deleted 2000 emails and felt well pleased with themselves. It is getting out of hand and email is starting to swamp all of us. Some of us have moved to the social media sites which make communicating far simpler and more effective. We get emails from work, family , friends, subscriptions, stores, accounts. Spam is being dealt with effectively but now we are spammed by lifestyle. Everyone wants your email and then when you get all those emails you can spend a big chunk of time trying to get around to all the emails. Most people run different email accounts for different purposes and then they get muddled because you can’t always streamline it that easily and then people get cranky because you didn’t reply because it was just an email. Email used to be easy. Not any more. I have separate email accounts – two for work, one for my blogs and online things and a private one. It’s taking too much time and it is just a horrible chore now. I have signed up for news letters I want but they get buried in other things which are buried in newsletters. I don’t like it any more and if we are deleting hundreds of unread emails, I’d say we have  a problem we need to change. Social media is direct and that sort of communication is limited and easier to manage. Facebook gives you the option of writing more if you want to. We are going to have to do something.
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Anxiety Disorder in Children

20% of children are experiencing anxiety disorders according to this article. That is a significant number. The research tends to suggest our lifestyle and living environment are contributing it. How to stop the world? How to slow ourselves down. it has to be affecting adults too. Now we have the treadmill going , what can we do to slow it down and stop it? It means cutting yourself away from the pack. It also means more and more people might do it if they see the benefit in you and your children. Children are reacting to change and are suffering sleep deprivation, but I’d say that is happening to adults too. We are all doing to much and trying to fit too much in. We have to change, it is doing us harm and if we don’t deal with it, it will deal with us.