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The Power of Positivity

This is simple, straight forward, doable and cheerful. Great way to approach life. Some of these are more me than others but, in short, I can achieve all of this and can see it would make a positive difference!

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Creating Success

The Creating Success site offers numersous podcasts of influencial and successful people who discuss how they have created success. The beauty of podcasts is you can just simply listen and you have an opportunity to feel inspired by hearing someone talk about what they do well. Reading about it doesn’t always effect change, but when you hear a voice, you feel more engaged and this site is a good way of just getting yourself in a good frame of mind to think more positively about your own achievements.
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Inspirational Wallpapers

There are some lovely, inspirational wallpapers here at this site, Ryse Up. I actually downloaded one on Nature but this one appealed to me to. Often we are caught up in the can’t block and we keep thinking we cannot change and we cannot change anything. We can. It’s a frame of mind. So, if you need to have something to remind you to be more flexible in your thinking and to allow you to grow through the block, this site is for you!