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This is a well constructed, well thought out, powerful video. It almost had me in tears. Not because it was soppy. Not because it was tugging on heartstrings but because you could see and feel the impact of human kindness. People are homeless for all sorts of reasons. In my lifetime what were a couple of so called vagrants about the place now and again has become a regular encounter with people who are homeless. There are children going to school from cars. There are people sleeping in doorways and anywhere else just to get shelter. Not just here. Not just there . It is a global problem and some are doing it worse than others. There is no easy answer but the video points out quite clearly the value of a hug, a smile, a bit of a break. Someone who will reach out to the homeless and treat them as a human beings who need recognition and nurturing. We cannot solve everyone’s problems. Some are there as a philosphical choice. Some are there because of  lifestyle choices. Some are there because they are mentally ill and there was a decision to let them fend for themselves. All sorts of reasons. You can see most of them have lost teeth and that is the same everywhere. You can see most of them are thin. Worldwide they have the same look. We have made a difference by looking at ways and means of ensuring they have food and drink, warm clothes and blankets and sometimes a safe place to sleep. On one French news programme I watched a couple of years ago they had a place where they took people in for the night to get them out of excessive heat or cold. They could not take everyone but it was a start. One man just was so angry. The person in charge was very good at trying to de-escalate his anger and to get him to be calm. He succeeded but then the man became very aggressive again. In the end he was given a blanket and asked to leave so the others could rest and have some respite. It is a difficult thing to live and a difficult thing to be a helper. The video shows us not to give up on ourselves or them. Just to do simple human things which will make a difference. To be kind. Just be kind. In the two years since this video has been made the world has been kinder. We just need to keep reminding ourselves.

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Oral hygienists rock!!

Finally!! Finally!! I got the cleanest mouth of the day award and a bag of dental goodies on Thursday. I walked away so pleased with myself, pleased they had cared and pleased that finally dentists and dental workers could see and understand the value of a helpful, friendly , educative approach to mouths and teeth!! Win-win. I thought it was nice they gave me a bag of goodies! My previous oral hygienist had led the way. She was totally committed to getting me to learn the things which would help me and my mouth. She explained why I needed to changed tooth brushes, why a spot of bicarb in a bottle of water would help. She showed me the tooth mousse and encouraged me to try it. She discussed the food I was eating and the drinks I was drinking and explained what they were all capable of in terms of damaging my mouth. She came up with the work arounds. The new oral hygienist has been friendly and supportive of all my work and has been such a thorough and patient worker on my mouth I have leaned not just to rush and brush, I have learned to slow down and make an effort with cleaning, flossing, checking. It takes little time but the approach has been far better.So now the dentist is delighted and my mouth is the cleanest!! It means I am saving my teeth and I am not having the long and horrible treatments I had before. Teaching people works and oral hygienists are in a prime position to deliver that education . What they lose in tooth repairs they gain in products. The tooth brushes work. The tooth mousse is brilliant. I no longer avoid the dentist…so no cancelled visits from me and I can now advocate them with a big smile.
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Healthy Teeth

I don’t know why this is under Men’s health because there are myth busters here which we could all do with knowing, especially the one about mouthwash. I have been very good with mouth wash, I  thought. Now I realise I need to read the back of yet another product. I spend all my time reading labels! Worth it, I guess. Some good advice here for looking after your teeth – male or female!