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Winter Clean

It occurred to me this year that spring is not a good time for a clean. There are lots of allergens around then, the weather is beautiful and shouldn’t be spent cleaning and winter is to be endured! I had a plan that this year I would get through winter in a more positive way and find things to help me cope with dull, grey, cold and miserable. Since I get stuck indoors a lot I thought it might be a time to do a clean! That way when spring came , my home would be in order and I could go out and play. So I am spending this winter sorting, fixing and doing all the things I have been meaning to do. It means I am moving so I am warmer and fitter. It means I am getting things done which make my living environment function and look better. It also means I am distracted from the cold and dull days which drive me bonkers. So I have scraped paint slops off windows and cleaned them, polished wood, cleaned bathroom tiles and regrouted where necessary. I have taken a drawer into the lounge by the fire and sorted the contents. I have been through my magazines and organised them and found some great projects and recipes! I have cleaned my fish tank throughly and restocked it. I have sorted through my music and  my gadgets. I have redecorated my computers, stuffed flat cushions, purchased new pillows and cover slips. I have been on a mission . I have found by using this approach it has made me more alert to the things I want to do. I have sorted cables and leads and old make up. I can see the difference now and an hour passed this way is often a happy hour. I have something to show for it so it is a much more cheerful way to live in winter. I am lucky I have a dryer, courtesy of my sister, so I can wash and dry things indoors and not worry about the rain. Can’t believe how nice my house looks nor how much I have been enjoying winter. It is in your attitude!
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10 thinking secrets by Bill Gates

There are times when Bill Gates is not the most popular man on the planet. Put those prejudices aside, if you have them, and read this presentation by Sompong Yus . There is some really solid and thought provoking advice here to help you manage whatever it is you are trying to manage. The approaches are very sound.

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Meaning to do day

This year I have had my meaning to do days – a day I decide in advance that I am going to knock off a number of things I have been meaning to do. I have my todo list on my computer which is an Office template I found and it works really well for me. I can type things in as I remember so it is always current and it has helped me get things done without being a bugbear. My meaning to do list is the same but it is the things I have been meaning to do like phone the bank about rates or buy tissues, fix the button on my trousers, get some fertiliser for the lawn. Whatever I have been meaning to do. I find if I put them on this list which is divided into sections I don’t feel swamped and I quite enjoy deleting them off the list as I get them done. I haven’t found either that I have more things to do than I achieve. The list stays pretty stable whether I have a meaning to do day once a month or once every 3 months. It has more or less worked out at the change of seasons because that is often when you do really have to get things like gutters repaired or air conditioners looked at.
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Clean up!

The weather has been horrible. We are in spring but there are storms and heavy rains and it is cold and miserable. Some areas are flooded and storm damaged, some have had power outages…so it’s not going out weather really. We have tried to get out a bit because day after day of indoors is depressing. We have used our indoor time wisely.Some have caught up on their reading. Some have been cleaning out the fridge and making casseroles, soups and stir fries. Others have been repairing  the indoor things which have long been in need of repair. I decided now was a good time to literally clean my computers and then get onto the operating systems and clean up files, folders and desktops. My laptop looks brilliant! It’s all shiny now and I completely redid the desk top and have been through the folders so they are rid of their  muddly mess and look totally , impressively and awesomely tidy. So go for it…use your indoor time to good effect!
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Using your time productively

This is the sort of site I bookmark for the days I feel so swamped I do not know where to start. Often you need a push or prod in the right direction and you can re establish your balance. it often needs to start with easy, quickly achievable and manageable things. Somehow the performing of easy, straight forward takes enables us to start thinking more positively and regain control. So this list of 20 things to do is helpful and worth keeping handy!
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The Email Swamp

I was reading on Facebook how someone had deleted 2000 emails and felt well pleased with themselves. It is getting out of hand and email is starting to swamp all of us. Some of us have moved to the social media sites which make communicating far simpler and more effective. We get emails from work, family , friends, subscriptions, stores, accounts. Spam is being dealt with effectively but now we are spammed by lifestyle. Everyone wants your email and then when you get all those emails you can spend a big chunk of time trying to get around to all the emails. Most people run different email accounts for different purposes and then they get muddled because you can’t always streamline it that easily and then people get cranky because you didn’t reply because it was just an email. Email used to be easy. Not any more. I have separate email accounts – two for work, one for my blogs and online things and a private one. It’s taking too much time and it is just a horrible chore now. I have signed up for news letters I want but they get buried in other things which are buried in newsletters. I don’t like it any more and if we are deleting hundreds of unread emails, I’d say we have  a problem we need to change. Social media is direct and that sort of communication is limited and easier to manage. Facebook gives you the option of writing more if you want to. We are going to have to do something.
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Let time do the work

About a month ago, no matter where I read my horoscope , it kept saying to let time do the work . I sort of got it and I sort of didn’t. Today was a prime example of where I should have let time do the work. I had a massive amount of things to get completed today. All these things were within my power and very straight forward. By lunch time I was stressing and thinking I was in such a muddle. I wasn’t. I took 10 minutes out to sit and breathe. Just breathe. Breathe in. Breathe out. Slow myself down. I then went back to my pile of things to do and just did them one at a time. They all got finished and I wasn’t in a frantic state like I had been. It’s the thought of having so much to do that messes your head up and yet, if they are manageable things, then it’s better just to go about doing them one at a time!
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Drive Time

When I am driving to work I am very lucky, I have a superb view of the coastline. It’s the same if I catch the train. Often when we go to work we get lost in work worries even before we get there. It took a while but I have learned to use my drive or travel time to work as a plus time for me. On the train I like to watch other people and try and guess about them. On Adelaide trains they are often reading so you get to know some good books. I make sure I look at the ocean and the views because they just make me feel so well. In the car I listen to talk back radio and have learned so much at that time in the morning. They get some good experts in. I also play my favourite CDs or my yoga music if I am feeling stressed. I can also learn a language in that time and brush up on my skills. I wouldn’t learn a new language in drive time, but you can get a CD and go over some of the basics so you can communicate with others. It makes them feel good and they help you more and I have found I get some good cultural tips, tricks and recipes that way …just because I have shown a bit of interest. That in itself makes me feel good with very little effort on my part.