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In ground worm farm

Morag Gamble shares her knowledge and experience in a really good way. She knows what she is talking about because she lives it. She has a really good Facebook page if you look her up. As part of revamping my compost system this year I wanted to make a worm farm and have decided to create an in ground one. I have my little compost bin with a lid which I was given for Christmas where my peelings and kitchen scraps go. When that is full it will go into my bokashi bin. I then have a big compost bin outside which I have always had in my garden. I decided my old indoor compost bin would easily convert to a worm tower. I cut a hole in the bottom with my jig saw, drilled holes in the sides and then set it upside down in the garden. I put the swing top lid on it which is now on the bottom of the bin with the hole cut in it so it does not clip on. I can feed scraps in and it will protect the bin from heavy rain which we seem to have at the moment. I am getting the worm farm ready now but I won’t put worms in it until after the summer heat passes. I have set it in a shady, protected spot but 45 degree heat can be very harsh and damaging. By April my bin will be ready and the weather will be kinder. I can get worms for the bin then. I feel now like I have a more complete composting system which will serve me and my garden better. I had to think it out  what would suit me and the little compost bin at Christmas was what put it all in place for me.

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Wild Swans

It is a pity this book has not been allowed to be published in China. The rest of the  world recognises it as a powerful account of a very real country going through change and turmoil . It is told through the eyes of the granddaughter but covers the three generations of women who lived through, and survived , some very difficult and troubled events. Jung Chang now lives in Britain and likes it there. It allowed me to understand a lot more about China and its people. It also allowed me to understand a lot more about our current world. She is straightforward and honest in her account and the journey of three generations of women is astounding. It is a tribute to people who can think, who can carry on and who are very resilient. It can be a difficult read at times because it was a horrendous time in China and people had to withstand so much. Other nations have been through similar things and the stories are just as compelling. Human beings do a lot to harm others but there are also human beings who can rise above it and endure. The over 600 pages go quickly and the whole book was very absorbing and enlightening.

Wild Swans

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Jesse , the adorable dog

Over 14 million hits on You Tube and counting. Jesse is adorable. We all want a Jesse and we all watch marvelling at how well trained he is. He loves being busy. He is such a happy dog. Heather , his owner, has trained him with love, patience and a plan. Seems to me to be an excellent way of approaching anything in life – love, patience and a plan. The results are extraordinary and we  all love Jesse.

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Unhappy managers

About one-fifth said they were either unmotivated, disengaged, bored or sad about their working conditions.

Tends to suggest they are feeling swamped rather than under appreciated. If you feel you can do the job and you like the job , the appreciation is nice but you can still do what you are employed to do because a competent leader ought to be able to motivate themselves independently. If you feel blocked and unable to see a way forward, you then stop and tend to block yourself and your creativity. Given managers play a key leadership role then it is important to establish the reasons for managers feeling switched off and sad. If you cannot motivate yourself it means you don’t think it is worth it. It tends to suggest the working conditions and the parameters of the job aren’t right. Also suggests what they are managing isn’t manageable! The article suggests work place culture. That could be anything but I dare say it is about having job conditions where you cannot grow and thrive. In other words, a job where you are not able to do what has been asked of you and there is too much expected and too little capacity for a manager to do things in a way they they as individuals can contribute to an organisation.I can also imagine the managers have people employed who cannot actually do the job they are responsible for and so it constantly falls on the manager to come up with the goods and make good the losses and oversights of the irresponsible. Accountability of employees is a crucial factor in enabling managers .
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Women’s Heart Attacks

Much  has been in the health news about how women are dying or suffering too much because we are unaware that heart attacks symptoms in women do not follow the same pattern as those in men. So I am posting this as my bit to remind us all that we need to create community awareness as we have with other things. Women are dying more form heart attacks than breast cancer. The thing with a heart attack is to get help quickly. It minimises the damage and ensures a better recovery. A heart attack need not be a death sentence. it’s a warning your body needs help and your lifestyle probably needs changing. this site explains things very clearly and gives some good links out for further consideration:

Women Heart

Look out for:

  • Discomfort, tightness,uncomfortable pressure, fullness, squeezing in the center of the chest lasting more than a few minutes, or comes and goes
  • Crushing chest pain
  • Pressure or pain that spreads to the shoulders, neck, upper back, jaw, or arms.
  • Dizziness or nausea
  • Clammy sweats, heart flutters, or paleness
  • Unexplained feelings of anxiety, fatigue or weakness – especially with exertion
  • Stomach or abdominal pain
  • Shortness of breath and difficulty breathing
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Yes, I am back. The wellbeing site has been left, not because I do not care, but because it gets so little traffic. A number of posts have been very popular and I like this blog…but enough of that and on with the medication. There is a bit of a problem which has nearly ended in tragedy for my family and I think we can do better. A family member was accidently given 4 times the dose of a heart medication. 125gm somehow translated into 500gm at the point of delivery. So the first thing I should like to ask is how can we better monitor the dosages both on the prescription and at the dispensary/ People get really busy these days and so mistakes will happen but with medication you cannot be too careful. All the symptoms were being noticed but the jots weren’t joined until  4 months later. That could have been 4 months too late. Secondly when people are on complicated medication regimes they are often put on blister packs to help them manage taking the right tablets at the right time. Good idea , in theory. When it comes to dosages you can only see them on the bottle or packet the medication was packed in. Can we rethink this one too? A computer ought to be able to pick up a change in dosage, but the blister packs, which are helpful are missing a step. Those people who have complicated medication regimes need it built into their care plan that someone checks the dosages once a week. Mistakes will happen but we have technology and we ought to be able to use it to build in the alerts and failsafes.
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Granny mothers

“The unexpected shift came this week when Chinese scientists announced they’d used previously unknown stem cells to reverse infertility in mice.”
Well, the pathway is becoming clearer for the development of treatments and technologies for women to become pregnant in their 50s and 60s. DIY grandmothers. It reminds me of the joke I heard where Dame Edna Everidge went to her gynaecologist and was so happy to discover she could have grand children. Now it’s a a viable reality.
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Reinventing Yourself

There have been some pretty impressive comebacks by companies who had got themselves a bad name either for service or products. Some companies just allow the decay to continue and hit the wall. There are some companies, however, who must have had a good, long look at themselves and who have come back fighting. Sitting on your laurels does not go well these days but neither does ignoring the rot. Once a product or service gets a bad name it potentially can spread like wildfire. There have been dubious company practices but we are alert to a lot of them now. We no longer will accept intolerable service or inadequate goods. The “clever” ploys to con us may succeed for a bit, but that’s it. Sometimes a product is poor because their management of the company is poor. So it’s nice to see a company fight back and start to succeed again. It’s a good attitude. Things don’t go well all the time so it’s good to see we now have a trend towards reinvention of image. It’s a lesson we can all use.
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Asthma and lack of vitamins

According to this new study vitamins A and C are important in the control of asthma. Given we are a state which suffers a lot from asthma then this is something which we could easily do to help ourselves. The article discusses another study where it was found antioxidants were not very helpful at all with asthma, but the new study is pretty comprehensive. As usual, you can only read and inform yourself and then discuss things with your medical professional. At least ensuring you have adequate intakes of A and C vitimins will not harm you and may actually help. It sometimes helps to have things to try and do because it gives you a more positive approach to managing your condition.